Lavabos de Londres

  • All our basins are produced from the finest porcelain and hand finished using a variety of techniques. There are two main ways of applying the pattern, ‘under the glaze’ and ‘over the glaze’. In the ‘under the glaze’ technique the pattern is applied to the clay, then the basins are glazed and fired. In the ‘over the glaze’ technique, clay wash basins are glazed and fired, then the pattern is applied and the basins are fired twice again to ensure paint durability.

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La Colección


  • A striking powder blue Moroccan-inspired porcelain basin featuring an intricate Arabic pattern of blue and purple gemstones inside and out. It has a unique flower shape with a subtle semi sheen/satin finish. An opulent modern interpretation of the Moroccan Moorish style.

  • Ancho: 41cm Altura: 15,5cm


  • A striking black and white porcelain basin inspired by our love for Bali. This textured glossy basin which is predominantly black has a white scalloped pattern inside and out giving it a wood-like appearance. One of our more modern basins with a rich masculine tone.

  • Ancho: 40,5cm Altura: 15,5cm


  • A basket weave textured basin in warm brown and beige tones swirling around the bowl with a subtle semi sheen/satin finish. Inspired by our travels to Asia and our love for natural materials found there. One of our more neutral designs so a versatile choice to add  the ‘wow’ factor to your bathroom interiors.

  • Ancho: 39,5cm Altura: 15,5cm


  • A charming blue celadon basin with embossed oriental pattern on the outside and all over gloss finish. A slightly wider bowl with a tapered edge. A delicate design which brings a timeless oriental touch to your bathroom interiors.

  • Ancho: 42cm Altura: 14cm


  • The original white Lorelei porcelain basin with a traditional royal blue Oriental pattern on the outside is now also available with a charming and delicate scalloped edge. It still features two goldfish inside the bowl, one grey and one orange, adding a striking twist. This basin can be made with or without the fish detail.

  • Ancho: 41cm Altura: 15,5cm


  • Multi-coloured porcelain basin. The outside of the bowl is decorated with intricate patterns against an emerald-green and dark blue background, to complement the contrasting design of festive balloons on a white background inside the basin. The touches of gold catching the light add to the Adriana’s sophisticated chic.

  • Ancho: 41cm Altura: 15,5cm


  • Porcelain duck-egg blue basin with an all-over subtle crackle effect, soothing and graceful. Exquisitely designed, the bowl is shaped like a blooming flower.

  • Ancho: 45cm Altura: 16cm


  • White-and-blue porcelain basin depicting traditional Chinese scenes. An exquisite and timeless piece of art.

  • Ancho: 40,5cm Altura: 15,7cm


  • White-and-blue crackle porcelain basin with a swirly Oriental pattern on the outside and leafy borders inside the bowl. Simple, classic and charming.

  • Ancho: 42cm Altura: 14,5cm


  • Multi-coloured porcelain basin with a contemporary Asian feel. The gold detail gives it a luxurious touch. A bold and colourful design. The basin height is shallower than the rest in our range and tapers at the top.

  • Ancho: 42cm Altura: 14cm


  • White porcelain basin with an all-over royal blue floral pattern. Intricate, delicate and elegant design.

  • Ancho: 39,7cm Altura: 14,8cm


  • Multi-coloured porcelain basin displaying a striking rich design on a soft white background. A bold modern interpretation of traditional Asian patterns, Melody is vibrant and intriguing, with golden accents to add sparkle.

  • Ancho: 41,5cm Altura: 14,5cm